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How can we create an environmentally friendly house and eco friendly office?

Given the urgency of the looming climate crisis, we need to retrofit our homes and work spaces and re-think our lifestyles.

Trend Report - Future of the Sustainable Home and Office

What are the latest innovations that will help us combat climate change, reduce waste, support biodiversity and build a circular economy? What should we prioritize now to make the biggest short-term impact, and what areas of sustainable design and architecture will have the most enduring, long-term legacy?

For both individuals and companies, the transition to a sustainable, net-zero future will be long and complex. We are facing increasing pressure to combat climate change, reduce waste, support biodiversity and build a circular economy, and the scale of this systemic change can seem bewildering. Fortunately, designers, architects and manufacturers are developing an astonishing range of ingenious materials, ecosystems, digital applications and energy-saving solutions to tackle the most complex and pressing issue of our age.

These are issues addressed in our latest trend report for 2022, where we put the spotlight on home and office tech and design innovations with a sustainability focus to expect this year and beyond.

Scouring the globe for the latest sustainable innovations

This is the second in a series of reports published by Aritco and Springwise exploring macro events and shifts that are affecting the way we live and work. It explores urban planning strategies like the 15-minute city; resources to help architects estimate the whole-life carbon emissions of a planned building; innovations to mitigate escalating energy bills for heating and cooling our homes and offices; and innovative new low-carbon building materials. New, eco-friendly products ranging from furniture, lighting and soft furnishings will inspire interior designers and office managers working on refits to cater to the circular economy.

Our commitment to sustainability

At Aritco Lift, sustainable design has been a key element of our DNA since the company was founded in 1995. Every year we carry out a CO2 audit of our manufacturing processes to reduce our carbon footprint and increase energy efficiency.

Our headquarters outside Stockholm are carbon neutral as most of our energy needs are met by solar panels and geothermal heat pumps, and we’ve found a fossil-free electricity supplier for top-ups when additional power is needed. All of the lights in the building use sensor-driven LED technology rather than fluorescent bulbs, and 70% of our office furniture is second-hand.

The Aritco HomeLift, which we launched in 2016, is crafted from 95% recyclable materials, magnelis coating is applied to steel elements to prevent rusting and extend the life of the product, and each lift consumes less energy per year than a dishwasher or washing machine.

But as sustainability is an issue that is continuously evolving, we commissioned global innovation intelligence platform Springwise to produce a research paper, The Future of the Sustainable Home and Office, which is full of the latest ideas for the eco-friendly house and sustainable office of the future.

Discussing sustainability in design and architecture

Aritco will host a discussion on this topic at 12 noon on Wednesday 9th February which will be broadcast online as part of Stockholm Design & Architecture Talks 2022. The talk will be moderated by Swedish TV presenter Li Pamp, and the three panelists will be David Schill, Marketing Director of Aritco Lift; Håkan Nordin, Head of Sustainability at Swedish vinyl flooring company BOLON; and Thomas Sandell, Architect at Sandell Sandberg, one of the most prominent architects in Sweden today.

If you miss the broadcast, it will also be posted on this website on 10th February.




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