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Reliable lifts for public environments

Our vision is to create lifts for public and commercial spaces that are both elegant and functional.

Our vision – elegant and reliable lifts

Our vision is to create lifts for public and commercial environments that are both elegant and functional, exceeding all standards for use in commercial and public environments. As you explore our product range, you’ll see how we live up to that vision in real life. All our platform lifts are built and designed with outstanding quality, comfort and safety in mind with a variety of options to perfectly suit new and existing buildings.


Commercial lift - Aritco PublicLift Access

Aritco PublicLift Access is a commercial lift designed to provide reliable and safe access for everyone in a public and commercial building and is a bit larger than a typical conventional lift.

The lift is practical and smart with sizes for all needs. The lift also has lots of customization possibilities, such as glass walls, door types, a range of various colours, and different materials.  Aritco PublicLift Access is the perfect solution for a residential lift or a lift for an office building.

The Aritco Publiclift Access lift is available in various sizes, and with its Scandinavian design, the lift makes it a suitable choice for residential and commercial settings including hotels, administrative buildings, shopping malls, hospitals, and public transportation hubs.

Commercial lift - Aritco 9000

The Aritco 9000 is our cabin lift with an automatic run, specially designed for the accessibility market. Aritco 9000 is a commercial lift that has been developed for the public market and meets the highest quality, reliability, cost-effectiveness, and access for everyone.

The Aritco 9000 is a cabin lift with a user capacity of up to 5 persons, perfectly fitting small and medium-sized buildings.

The Aritco 9000 lift has been developed with a focus on safe use by everyone. In addition, it is also easy to install, has simple operation, has low maintenance costs, and is made out of 95% recyclable materials. The automatic functions make it easy for children, the elderly, the disabled, and wheelchair users to use this lift.

Commercial lift - Aritco PublicLift Cabin

The Aritco PublicLift Cabin is a commercial lift designed with simplicity in mind. It looks, feels, performs, and operates like a conventional passenger lift. With no machine room or deep pit required, it offers complete freedom in design and simple usability, providing total safety in use. The energy-efficient traction drive and fully automatic telescopic doors make it a versatile, cost-effective passenger lift solution.

The Aritco PublicLift Cabin is designed with complete reliability in mind. The most significant advantages of the Aritco PublicLift Cabin are its modern design and ease of use, making it ideal as a commercial lift, with no requirements of a machine room or deep pit to install. This lift’s compact footprint takes up minimum floor space compared to standard lift dimensions, allowing for more efficient use of space within a  building. This makes the Aritco PublicLift Cabin a very competitive lift when looking for commercial lift options.

The lift design is simple and efficient, making it one of the smallest commercial lift sizes you will find regarding how much space is needed for installing this lift. Its lightweight structure ensures enhanced and smooth ride comfort, and it’s also one of the lifts with the lowest maintenance and operating costs on the market.

Commercial lifts for commercial buildings

We want to create lifts that people feel comfortable using. Lifts they can trust for their safety and those of their loved ones every day. Our goal is to fulfill this demand via three fundamental principles:

Safety – safe performance of the lift at all times;

Reliability – a consistently safe and efficient performance with minimum maintenance;

Efficiency – low energy consumption.

Every Aritco commercial lift is engineered to be the safest, most reliable, and efficient lift for commercial buildings on the market. That’s why they meet international safety regulations as well as building standards.

One of the most significant parts of this is the Aritco Quality Assurance Management System. It’s a global system that helps us to keep all production processes under strict quality control and constantly improve them to give you an even better product.

How much does a commercial lift cost?

The cost of a commercial lift can vary depending on many different factors. When determining the installation cost and the lift price, it is best to speak with us directly or with one of our many resellers to discuss your options and needs. To get an estimate, you can reach us here.

The price can also vary depending on which type of lift you want and the size and specifications needed for your commercial building or public space. How many floors the building has will also affect the price of the lift installation.

However, it’s important to remember that buying a commercial lift isn’t just about the price tag. All lifts have a lifespan of service – which is at least 25 years.

To give you an idea of what the time span to install a commercial lift is, we’ve included a breakdown of the approximate installation time below:

Small single-speed lifts used for one to two floors, the typical installation time is approximately 3-4 days.

Medium size single-speed lifts used for three or four floors, the typical installation time is approximately 4-6 days.

Large size single-speed lifts used for up to five floors, the typical installation time is approximately 5-7 days.

Other things to consider when installing commercial lifts

Any number of factors can affect the cost of a new commercial lift. For example, some buildings may have unique requirements or additional needs such as custom pit depth, minimum width, weight capacity, floor space, shaft dimensions, lift size, and whether service of the lift will be provided when needed. If you are unsure of the building requirements or need help to find the best lift for your specific building and/or location. Whether it’s an old or new construction, please feel free to reach out to us, and we will be able to point you in the right direction—both when it comes to choosing the model of lift and pricing.

The models of commercial lifts to choose

Here at Aritco, we manufacture lifts to fit all needs and requirements. Whether it is for a school, office, shopping mall, or any other public space. Lifts with outstanding quality, comfort, and safety in mind. With numerous alternatives to perfectly fit new and existing structures.

The Aritco Publiclift Access is a lift made for everyone in public and commercial buildings. The Aritco 9000 with a cabin and automatic run, specially designed for the accessibility market and made for the public market. Finally, we also offer the Aritco PublicLift Cabin for selected markets. A cost-effective passenger lift solution, with no machine room or deep pit required.


Whether you are looking to find commercial lifts for a school, shopping mall, or apartment block you can customize the design of our lifts to fit both the needs of the environment and the people within it. Choose from 213 colours and several other options to personalize your lift and customize the lighting with the SmartLift app. Everything, right down to the look and feel of the buttons, can be customized by you. Find our free catalogues for our various platform lift models by clicking the button below.

Find your closest reseller

The entire Aritco lifts collection can be ordered through our partners and resellers. They will help you with measurements and will ensure a smooth, spotless and quick installation. Use our reseller map to find the closest location.



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