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Can I install a residential lift in my home?

FAQ - 5 common questions about home lift installations

FAQ - 5 common questions about home lift installations

Twelve years’ experience of working with home lifts for villas and apartments have equipped Peter Sälgström with a vast knowledge about residential elevator installations. Aritco distributes lifts to 50 countries around the world. Customer needs and requests vary but, according to Peter, many questions are recurring.

Peter Sälgström has met with many villa and apartment owners that are considering installing a home lift. The reasons for desiring a residential elevator are many, Peter says, but notes that the questions and concerns often are similar. We asked him to summarize the five most common questions he gets from homeowners.

1) What type of lift should we get?

“Many are looking to future-proof their homes, perhaps anticipating that they will eventually need to use a walker” Peter describes, and continues, “while others need a lift for immediate practical reasons. The first question, whether the need is current or future, is ‘what type of lift do we need?’ Mainly considering the size.”

2) Where can we place the lift?

“The next question is often about the lift’s placement. Many want to place it in the hallway next to a staircase. Aritco’s designed home lifts are also so beautiful that people want to see theirs as soon as they enter the home! If the space in that area is limited, many think that a home lift is not an option for them.”

But Peter explains that there are other solutions. Especially with an Aritco elevator, with the smallest model, the Aritco HomeLift, requiring no more space than a small wardrobe.

“Often there’s another solution, for instance between a kitchen and bedroom or other parts of the home. Practical issues are almost always resolvable with an Aritco lift.”

3) Can we install a lift in an existing building?

“Many owners of an existing home are unsure if they can install a lift when it hasn’t been a part of the initial planning.”

Peter quells such worries by informing homeowners of the ease with which Aritco lifts are installed. Thanks to their unique platform lift technology, they require no more space than the lift’s own size and can be installed directly on the floor.

Read more about the easy installation of an Aritco HomeLift here.

4) How long does it take to install a lift?

“Another advantage with a platform lift is that it is installed much faster than a traditional elevator that requires more space and construction of an engine room and lift axle. The time for installation varies, mainly depending on the lift height.”

Aritco elevators are available from two to six floors and are usually installed in a maximum of four days, often faster. Due to its speed, installation of an Aritco platform lift is approximately 70% cheaper than that of a traditional elevator.

Picture: Peter Sälgström, Regional Sales Manager, Aritco Lift

5) Do we need a building permit? Do we need to do anything more or contact anyone other than Aritco?

“Different countries have different rules on home extension or construction, so permit needs vary depending on where the home is. Owners may also need to hire certified construction technologists for practical planning for the installation, for instance if intermediate floors are to be penetrated, beams moved, etc. After that, Aritco takes care of the lift installation.”

There are a few things to consider, for sure, but Peter rounds the conversation off by saying that he practically never has to tell homeowners that they can not install an Aritco lift in their home.

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