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Redefining space post-covid

As we enter an era of ‘hybrid working’, how can design help us adapt our homes for both living and working, even when space is limited?

multi-functional spaces

After producing The Future of the Home white paper with Springwise at the start of 2021, Aritco has compiled a short trend report entitled Redefining Space Post-Covid to coincide with the inaugural Design London exhibition which takes place in North Greenwich between Wednesday 22nd and Saturday 25th September as part of the London Design Festival 2021.

The trend report covers versatile, design-led solutions from the UK and the US that can make a living room, a bedroom or a small balcony into a multi-functional space that’s adaptable for work, leisure or family time.

Pic below: The Cloud Bed by Ori. Photo credit – Ori.


The report even includes a small seat designed in Switzerland that folds out into an acoustic bed that offers a spa-like stress-busting treatment to support mental health.

Pic below: SoundBed by Opus. Photo credit – Yves Behar for Opus


Aritco will also be hosting a panel discussion on Thursday 23rd September at Magazine London that unpacks how design can offer more innovative long-term solutions to homes that need to double as offices, cater to multiple generations and offer access to outdoor spaces and public realm.

Design writer and curator Riya Patel will moderate the talk between three panellists – David Schill, Marketing Director of Aritco; James Bidwell, Chair of Springwise, the world’s largest source of global innovations and founder of strategy consultancy Re_Set ; and Renée Searle, Director of THREEFOLD Architects.

If you can’t make the panel discussion, you will be able to watch footage from the talk on this website very soon.


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