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Virtual exhibition highlights design and designers

A digital voice to Milan Design Week

Virtual exhibtion highlights

The virtual exhibition Design Variations, which opens Monday June 15, aims to help each one of us rethink and redesign the future, explore new paths and experiment with new ideas. The exhibit will give voice to architects, designers and companies that would have appeared at Milan Design Week in April, an event that was cancelled due to Covid-19.

Virtual Design Variations selects and highlights the work of these architects, designers and companies, bringing them to the design community at large. Through the voices of the paricipants themselves, this virtual event will document the work of each and every one of them. All are well aware that the world of design needs to play its part, now more than ever!

Aritco HomeLift in the spotlight

Aritco Lift is a partner to the Virtual Design variations 2020. Together with our lead designer Alexander Lervik we present the digital exhibition “Imaginations” which consists of both our Aritco HomeLift in different shapes as well as artworks from Lervik.

Lervik was a central figure in the creation of the Aritco HomeLift’s design. One of Sweden’s leading product designers, his work stretches from furniture and light to technical innovations. His vision is to create products that provide new experiences for the user.

“Scandinavia is famous for its classic design,” Lervik notes. “This is a heritage we care deeply about, and something we wish to preserve and develop through our lifts. The Aritco HomeLift is the first lift to be uniquely designed for your home. We regard it not only as a lift, but also as a piece of furniture.”

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أرتيكو الصين ,شانغهاي

02-b A102-b
ويندينج ليفينج ستايل بلازا
رقم 258 ويندينج رود
منطقة تشوهوي ، شنغهاي

الهاتف: 53266736895 86+
الأيميل: info.china@aritco.com


أرتيكو الصين,تشينغداو

504 ، المبنى رقم 32 ، حديقة تيانان سايبر
رقم 88 Chunyang Rd. تشينغداو

الهاتف: 53266736895 86+
الأيميل: info.china@aritco.com


أرتيكو ألمانيا

أرتيكو ألمانيا
شارع شتوتجارتر 19
725 55 ميتسينجين

الهاتف: 71239597272 49+
الأيميل: info.germany@aritco.com


أرتيكو السويد

مبني أرتيكو
مبني الالكترونيات 14
175 43 Järfälla

الهاتف: 812040100 46+
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أرتيكو المملكة المتحدة

كوخ الأمير
8 تشيني ووك
NN1 5PT ، المملكة المتحدة

الهاتف: 1604808809 44+
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أرتيكو تايلاند

467/2 ماهاتون بلازا راما 3 الدور الخامس
طريق راما 3 شاروينرات ، بانج كلو ،
بانج خو ليم ، بانكوك 10120

الهاتف: 21169944 66+
الأيميل: info.thailand@aritco.com


أرتيكو أسبانيا

Avenida de la Constitución 24 ، صحن 10
288 21 ، كوسلادا

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