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خمس نصائح لديكور منزل أكثر جمالا في ودود مصعد منزلي

ستساعدك نصائحنا الخمس في جعل شراء مصعد منزلك أكثر بكثير من مجرد ترتيب نفعي.

يفوق المنفعه

The residential elevator is still seen by many as a purely functional piece of equipment meant to get you from A to B, but a lift can also be a key decorating feature that elevates your home atmosphere.

We have gathered some of the ways in which you can take full advantage of the decorating capacities of a beautifully designed home lift.

1) Find Your Style

It may sound like an obvious idea that you should find your own style when decorating your home, but when it comes to residential elevators, many still believe that this is a rather static product which cannot be adapted to fit your own taste. Nothing could be further from the truth when it comes to our home lifts.

Each of our main models can be adapted in a variety of ways. Choose your preferred color scheme, pick the floor pattern and DesignWall that you like, and opt for classic or tinted glass for the shaft walls. These are but a few of the many adjustable elements that are meant to make your residential elevator truly yours.

Feel free to try your ideas out in our LiftGuide to find the perfect design for you.

2) Build around your place

Whether you are building a house from scratch or adding a lift to an existing home, make sure that you identify all the spots where an elevator could be placed. Once you have these identified, envision not just the elevator itself in the various locations, but also the area around it. Which way will the doors open, will there be any furniture placed around the elevator, and how will any windows or art on the walls next to it look?

It can be easy to get caught up in the home lift itself since it is the new addition, but what surrounds it is of equal importance for creating the right ambiance with your interior decoration.


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