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A Successful Event for Aritco at Design Shanghai

With Design Shanghai 2021 in the rear-view mirror, Sharon Qu, Aritco’s Managing Director for China, shares her experiences from the event.

From Shanghai with Love for Design

Another year, another participation at Design Shanghai for Aritco. Sharon Qu, Aritco’s Managing Director for China, talks about the event, Aritco’s performance during the June 3rd-6th festivities, and encouraging takeaways on a more general note.

Design Shanghai just ended, what are your immediate thoughts?

“I have to say that it was a very good event, quite an experience” Sharon says. “The venue was bigger than ever, there were more vendors than in past years, and I saw many good, premium brands in kitchen, furniture and other home segments. There were a lot of architects, designers and design companies present.”

“In other words, the target audience of the exhibition was quite precise for Aritco!”

How do you feel that Aritco performed?

“We are still putting together the data in terms of sales and contacts, but the immediate feeling is that it was a great success. Our stand was always crowded, and a lot of people already knew of us and came specifically to see us, which was a pleasant surprise.”

“Some people came up and said ‘oh, I know you from TikTok’ while a few architects told me that they had used our lifts in their projects and really appreciated our products. This is a fantastic testament to the work we have put in over the last 5-6 years.”

What did you think of the theme for this year’s Design Shanghai, Regenerative Design?

“It was a very good and appropriate theme as this is a hot topic not only in China, but globally. It considers everyone, including future generations, which is in line with what we are trying to do at Aritco.”

“We had a talk at our stand in which I had a conversation about Regenerative Design with architects Botta Lai and Chenyang Sun which was highly appreciated. I could see that the audience was really interested. After the talk, both audience members and the media had plenty of questions for us.”

“I was interviewed by multiple media outlets about the home lift market as well, which was fun and very fruitful for Aritco.”

Did you have any unexpected takeaways from the event?

“Yes, actually. I noticed that there were a lot of younger Chinese designers in attendance which is fun to see as we got the opportunity to reach up and coming professionals. But even more encouraging is that I saw quite a lot of visitors that had come from outside of China, far more than at the November 2020 event.”

“This tells me that we are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel with this pandemic which, along with the success for Aritco, was the highlight of the event” Sharon concludes with a smile.

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