Casa Decor 2023

Aritco makes a grand entrance at Casa Decor 2023

We spoke to Aritco’s Managing Director for Spain and Portugal, Jesus Arevalo, about the El Ziguán de Aritco (Aritco Hall) space at the iconic interior design exhibition, Casa Decor.

Every year, Casa Decor transforms one building in Madrid into an interactive showcase of some of the best interior designers from Spain and abroad. For the second year in a row, Aritco will be participating in this renowned event, taking place from 13 April to 28 March. We spoke with Jesus Arevalo, Managing Director of Aritco Spain & Portugal, to learn more about the exhibition, which this year features El Zaguán de Aritco (Aritco Hall).

Hi Jesus! Can you give us some background on Casa Decor and its importance to the region’s interior design industry?

“Casa Decor is an event that mixes interior design, architecture and art. That. It has been taking place in Madrid for over 30 years now. And it’s a very unique event because every year it’s housed in a different building and different brands and interior designers create their own unique spaces. Every Casa Decor is different, which is what makes it so special.

“Eight years ago, I was in a previous company that participated in Casa Decor, and it was mostly all national brands. But now, you find Italian brands, Danish, Swedish and Norwegian too. It’s becoming more and more popular internationally.”

Casa Decor

How is Aritco participating in the exhibition this year?

“Last year was our first year participating in Casa Decor. We did what they call product placement, which means you put your product in one of the spaces. But you’re not in your own space.

“This year, we wanted to be a little bit more involved. We have our own space, and we are working with a very well-known interior design studio. The Aritco Hall is the whole entrance to the exhibition. We chose the entrance because it was easier for us in terms of the logistics, to be able to install a real lift. We want people to see the lift moving up and down.”

“It’s exciting because we are the first lift company to have our own space in Casa Decor. So for us as a brand, this is a very big step. Now, all the brands, all the interior designers, all the architects can see that Aritco isn’t only a lift company, it’s also a design company.”

Which Aritco lift is featured in the exhibition?

“It’s the Homelift mode, size S8. It’s our high-end model that is very sleek. It’s a demo lift, but you can actually go inside and go up for like one and a half meters and then come back down. It’s nice that visitors can actually experience the lift.

“The model in the exhibition has a DesignWall called Geometric, which is a limited edition collaboration between Evelina Kroon and Alexander Lervik. We are thinking about changing the DesignWall throughout the exhibition, which is six weeks long. Many people visit Casa Decor, two or three times, so they see that they can actually have one design, and then if they want to change, they can do so quickly and easily by adding a new DesignWall

“That’s an important benefit of an Aritco home lift. If you feel like one day you need to change your interior design, you can easily change the design of your lift to match.”


Can you tell us more about the interior designers Aritco is partnering with this year?

“They are called AS Interiorista. It is a partnership of two women. They have been working in Casa Decor for eight years now, so they have a lot of experience designing different spaces. They really wanted to work with us because it was something different. Normally, they worked with kitchen and bathroom companies. So, they liked the challenge of designing a space that was a lift company but also a Scandinavian company.

“They needed to mix the Mediterranean style – which is their identity – with Scandinavian design because that’s a big part of Aritco’s identity. And they needed to create a space where the lift was a focal point. They also incorporate sustainable materials, which is important to us as a company as well.

“They have done a great job and we are very happy with the results. All the visitors are saying they have never seen an entrance to Casa Decor as nice as this one!”



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