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Thursday 10 February 2022, 10.00-10.45 AM CET

How can we make our homes and offices more sustainable?

The path to a net-zero future and the pressure to combat climate change, reduce waste, support biodiversity, and build a circular economy can seem bewildering. But urban planners, designers, architects, and manufacturers are developing many ingenious materials, ecosystems, digital applications, and energy-saving solutions to tackle the most complex and pressing issue of our age.

We all need to retrofit our homes and workspaces and re-think our lifestyles, but what should we prioritize now to make the biggest short-term impact? And what areas of sustainable design and architecture will have the most enduring, long-term legacy?


Thomas Sandell, Architect at Sandell Sandberg
Håkan Nordin, Head of Sustainability at BOLON
David Schill, Marketing Director at Aritco Lift


Li Pamp, TV presenter and CEO at Stockholm’s Auktionsverk

For more information about the speakers see below.

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Speakers' bios

Together with different interesting people, Aritco wants to observe and spotlight different aspects of technology and design that will affect on our ways of living both in the near future and also in the long term. Read more about our speakers below.

Photo of Li Pamp

Li Pamp, Moderator

Li Pamp is CEO of Stockholm’s Auktionsverk. She holds a degree in art history and has dedicated her career to the recycling of art and antiques, foremost on the auction market. She has hosted many TV shows as well as produced documentaries in the field of cultural history.

Architect Thomas Sandell

Thomas Sandell, Architect at Sandell Sandberg

Thomas was born in Jakobstad and grew up in Skellefteå. He has been active in the architectural industry since graduating from KTH in 1985 and is now one of Sweden’s most noted architects and designers. Thomas has been awarded several prizes and awards for his work both nationally and internationally.

Thomas’ project portfolio includes furnishings of the Modern Museum, furniture for IKEA, hotels in Kiruna and Örnsköldsvik, offices for Nasdaq OMX, SCA and Ericsson, countless shop and restaurant interiors, lots of attentive villas and lavish private homes.

Håkan Nordin sitting infront of Bolon factory

Håkan Nordin, Head of Sustainability at BOLON

Håkan Nordin Head of Sustainability at BOLON has been working professionally with environmental questions since 1984 and has great insight and knowledge about sustainability and climate questions in companies. Håkan has held roles as campaign manager and board member at Greenpeace Sweden and policy adviser for Greenpeace international as well as expert roles in various delegations and committees for the Swedish government and as an adviser to several companies and public organizations like H&M and Ikea among others.

David Schill, Marketing Director at Aritco

David Schill, Marketing Director at Aritco Lift

David joined Aritco Lift in 2016, where he leads brand and marketing development as well as the strategic CX on product portfolio and innovation. David has a history developing brands, brand experience, marketing and strategic product and services in both large corporations such as the consumer goods company Electrolux and the bank SEB, as well as via consultancy work for smaller and mid-cap companies.


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