View from a kitchen to a homelift (Aritco HomeLift)

Top-renovated 60s villa with design and sustainability in focus

Designer Alexander Lervik’s home was fitted with an Aritco home lift

The decision to install an Aritco HomeLift in the fully refurbished 1960s villa is influenced by the fact that Alexander Lervik, one of the homeowners, is the designer behind the functional and beautiful “furniture.” The entire family has grown to appreciate the Aritco lift for its versatility, and Alexander, who has collaborated with Aritco in the design work since 2014, is also amazed by how much it has simplified their lives.

“The big surprise is that the elevator is used so much. We initially thought it would be used for restocking groceries and when elderly relatives visit, but it’s become useful in many more situations as well.”, Alexander explains.

With the entrance on the bottom floor and the kitchen on the upper floor of the three-story basement house, the Aritco HomeLift has made the family’s life easier.

“We use the elevator daily. In addition, it helps a lot on occasions such as when we host large dinners and need extra chairs from the storage room when our parents visit and during cleaning when the vacuum cleaner needs to be moved between floors. We have also had fantastic help from the lift in transporting heavy items to the garden and terrace above the entrance level”, describes an enthusiastic Alexander.

Picture: Fanny Rådvik

Close up of a home lift by Aritco and stair

The best design choices

Every detail in the 1960s villa is carefully planned by the couple, with Elin Lervik working as PR Manager and consultant at the Swedish interior design company Svensk Tenn, among others, and her husband Alexander, who is one of Sweden’s most renowned designers. Although the couple’s distinct interior styles blend in a lovely potpourri of Elin’s fondness for national romanticism and antique furniture acquired from auctions and Alexander’s affection for the sleeker, modern, and Scandinavian aesthetic.

A specific detail that strikes when entering the house is the abundance of natural light. Alexander’s brother, the architect Leonard Qvarsebo, played a part in adding more and bigger windows to the home. Alexander is especially pleased with the amount of light and another detail that also involves the lift.

He explains, “I am most satisfied that we completely redesigned the layout! I had a vision inspired by American movies, with a grand entrance where the stairs take up space, and it’s airy between the floors. We moved the entire stairwell, previously hidden in a corner, to a central location. This became the heart of the house, and here the lift also fulfilled its role. By reconfiguring the floor plan and opening up windows on previously “closed walls,” natural light now streams through the house from morning until evening. Now we have a view of the beautiful nature reserve that we live next to.”

The modern home elevator from Aritco blends in well with the beautiful staircase, also designed by Lervik. The sensation of welcoming in light is also replicated in the lift, with glass walls on all four sides. The design wall inside the elevator, named Diagonal, is one of Alexander’s designs. Following the current photo session, the couple has chosen to swap out the design wall to Geometric, a bold new pattern flirting with a retro feel. This exclusive and signed edition is a result of a collaboration between Alexander and Evelina Kroon.

Picture: Fanny Rådvik

View from a kitchen to a homelift (Aritco HomeLift)

Best results when differences coexist

Returning to the conversation about the couple Lervik’s distinct interior design tastes and styles, we discuss whether it has been challenging to create a shared living space. However, Alexander emphasizes that the process was easy. He advises that it is important to let both parties express their views, to give and take while respecting each other’s opinions. This is easy when you understand that differences in collaboration often lead to the best results.
“The end results will be more interesting when both can fulfill their dreams. If only I got to decide, the decor would have been strictly Scandinavian, and if Elin had complete control, it would have been the opposite. Our mix of styles makes the home more interesting.”

At the start, the wife was skeptical about having a home lift, but she is now the most positive one.  ”Elin had reservations about having a home lift, thinking it may seem vulgar. But, she has undergone the most change on the matter and is so positive that it simplifies many parts of daily life.”

Picture: Fanny Rådvik

View from a homelift to to the workshop in the home of designer Alexander Lervik

Durability through materials and a lift

Alexander further describes that sustainability has been a significant focus for the couple during the renovation. They have chosen materials that stand the test of time, for example, oak parquet flooring that can be sanded ten times. He also describes the elevator in environmental aspects.

“We achieve the smallest climate footprint by staying in the house for a long time, and the elevator enables that.”

It’s evident that the family loves their homey 223 square meters yellow terrace house in scenic surroundings in Saltsjöbaden. Their favorite room is the kitchen.

“The kitchen has become a family room, complete with dining tables, armchairs, and a fireplace,” Alexander explains. “This is where we spend most of our time as a family and with friends.”

Considering that the kitchen is situated on the third floor, with the entrance on the ground floor, the Aritco lift has served as a simple, functional tool while adding an elegant touch to the interior.

Photo: of Lervik: Helen Pe

Black and white photo of designer Alexander Lervik

Future-proof your dream home

Read more about the modern home lift designed by Alexander Lervik.

Picture below: Designwall Geometric (not in Lerviks home), designed by Lervik and Evelina Kroon.

Aritco Designwall Geometric by designer Alexander Lervik and Evelina Kroon



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