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A lift for every public situation

Aritco has a lift for every public situation, whether it’s a shopping mall, a church, or the office. See all lift solutions below or use our LiftGuide to configure your own lift.


Aritco platform lifts are so compact and space efficient, they can go almost anywhere without getting in the way. All three models also make a minimal impact on the building’s structure and design since they do not require a separate engine room or shaft. That makes them ideal both for a retrofit to meet new accessibility requirements or when designing a space from scratch.

Minimalist Scandinavian design creates an appealing contrast in older buildings and harmonizes with modern architecture. And our lifts can be further customized with hundreds of combinations of glass types, colors and floorings to either blend in or stand out.

All of our lifts are equipped with our SmartSafety system, which meets or exceeds all requirements.

Lifts for Hospitals

Need of a solution transporting wheelchairs or walkers multiple floors? Many hospitals, care centers and elderly homes have limited space and no shaft built for a lift solution.

Lifts for Hotels

Do you feel that the big bulky conventional lifts take too much space from your common space in the hotel? Are you looking for a lift-solution that doesn’t interfere with the interior of your hotel?

Lifts for Schools

Are you looking for a lift solution that is easy to install, takes little space? And yet it must be very safe, sturdy and of good quality to stand a lively environment with both younger and older children.

Lifts for Offices

Finding a solution that is both well designed, discreet and easy to integrate with the office is not easy. For many offices there are also strict regulations which can limit the design and convenience for the lift model.

Lift for Churches

A church is for many a place where everyone should be able seek comfort. The access to all parts in a church with old staircases, small steps build in in stages and sacred rooms off or hard to get to for some people.

Lifts for entertainment arenas

Our minimalist Scandinavian design harmonizes with modern entertainment arenas. With three different models and hundreds of combinations of glass types, colors and floorings, our lifts can be further customized to match the look of the space. An available video wall can even advertise current or upcoming events.

Lifts for museums and libraries

Minimalist Scandinavian design harmonizes with modern architecture and creates an appealing contrast in older buildings. This makes our lifts perfect for a new build or a retrofit to meet new accessibility requirements.

Lifts for gyms

Aritco platform lifts are ideal for a retrofit to meet new accessibility requirements and when designing a new workout space from scratch.

Lifts for shopping malls

Aritco’s public lifts go far beyond the requirements for accessibility, safety and comfort. They bring beauty and style to the shopping experience.

Lifts for restaurants

The atmosphere of a restaurant experience begins the moment the diner sets foot on the premises. An Aritco lift gives people that sense of arrival when they walk through the doors.



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