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Long live the Aritco HomeLift

How an Aritco HomeLift future-proofed a family archipelago villa

In a peaceful nook between the woods and the sea on Ljusterö island a few miles outside of Stockholm, a three-floor villa stands. Weather and winds have gently faded the building’s beautiful wooden façade. From the entrance, a multilevel wooden deck stretches out, large enough to fit all three generations during extended family get-togethers. We are welcomed into the bright interior of the archipelago villa by Rolf Börjesson and Alina Wroblewska, who designed the house themselves. A stark contrast to the inner-city pulse, this villa is the couple’s oasis, one that they wish to stay in for as long as they can. That is why, when the house was built in 2014, installing an Aritco lift was a given.

Hi Rolf! Why did you decide to get a home lift?

“There are three main reasons” Rolf begins. “First, a lift is cheaper than building three flights of stairs. However, we did need to comply with accessibility requirements by adding an entrance to the basement and an emergency exit from the third floor.

“Secondly, an Aritco lift requires very little space. Finally, we want to live here when we’re old and gray and struggle walking up and down stairs. In the basement we have a workshop and wine cellar that I really enjoy going to.”

What made you choose specifically an Aritco HomeLift?

“What was most important to us was finding a lift that’s reliable and serves its purpose well. We discovered Aritco by chance and were treated so well when we reached out that we quickly decided to choose Aritco. It also felt safe to go with a Swedish company that follows Swedish quality standards. That the lift looks so good is a bonus. It is very aesthetic, especially the Aritco HomeLift that we eventually upgraded to.”

Alina Wroblewska, a designer and architect, designed the archipelago villa herself. As it was meant to be a home to grow old in, Alina made sure to have a residential elevator in the drawings from the beginning. When the house was built in 2014, an Aritco 4000 was installed. It was later replaced by the smaller, designer-made Aritco HomeLift, which was also launched in 2014. Rolf and Alina are more than satisfied.

“All our visitors love studying it. They think it is beautiful and find it amazing that you can have a lift in your home, and we certainly agree” says Alina with a smile.

What do you appreciate the most with your Aritco HomeLift?

“That button that takes you up and down the different floors” Rolf says laughing. In unison, the couple concludes the interview by saying that they know there are smart functions to control the lighting and choosing the design of the wall, but to them the functionality of the lift is the most important aspect. That, and how well it fits their home, adding that it lifts the interior and is “like an art piece.”

Are you interested in knowing how you can upgrade your home with both accessibility and a beautiful piece of interior decoration? Reach out to your nearest reseller that can help guide you to the lift that best suits your needs and your home.



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